Tutorial: Upstream Users Limitation

Upstream Users Limitation

The term upstream user refers to the user who is currently publishing audio and video streams. After the user successfully publish the local stream by callingstartLocalVideo() | startLocalAudio() | startScreenShare(), the user becomes an upstream user. After the user unpublish the local stream by calling stopLocalVideo() & stopLocalAudio() & stopScreenShare(), the user is no longer an upstream user.

Limit on the Number of Upstream Users

The real-time audio and video backend server limits the number of upstream users in a single room to 50. If there are more than 50 upstream users in a room, the 51st user who attempts to publish a local audio and video stream will fail to publish. If the App business layer wants the 51st user to publish a local stream, it should first let other users stop publishing local streams by calling stopLocalVideo() to make room for the new user to become an upstream user.