Screen capturing source information


new TRTCScreenCaptureSourceInfo(type, sourceId, sourceName, thumbBGRA, iconBGRA, isMinimizeWindow, width, height, isMainScreen, x, y)

Name Type Description
type TRTCScreenCaptureSourceType required

capturing source type (i.e., whether to share the entire screen or a certain window)

sourceId String required

capturing source ID. For a window, this field indicates a window ID; for a screen, this field indicates a display ID.

sourceName String required

capturing source name (encoded in UTF-8)

thumbBGRA TRTCImageBuffer required

thumbnail of the shared window

iconBGRA TRTCImageBuffer required

icon of the shared window

isMinimizeWindow Boolean required

whether is minimized window or not

width Number required

screen or window width, Unit: px.

height Number required

screen or window height, Unit: px.

isMainScreen Boolean required

whether is main screen.

x Number required

Screen/Window x coordinate, Unit: px.

y Number required

Screen/Window y coordinate, Unit: px.