Remote audio/video metrics


new TRTCRemoteStatistics(userId, finalLoss, width, height, frameRate, videoBitrate, audioSampleRate, audioBitrate, jitterBufferDelay, audioTotalBlockTime, audioBlockRate, videoTotalBlockTime, videoBlockRate, streamType)

Name Type Description
userId String

user ID

finalLoss Number

total packet loss rate (%) of the audio/video stream. The smaller the finalLoss , the better. The packet loss rate of 0 indicates that all data of the video stream has entirely reached the audience. If downLoss is 0 but finalLoss isn't, there is no packet loss on the linkage of "cloud -> audience" for the video stream, but there are unrecoverable packet losses on the linkage of "anchor -> cloud".

width Number

remote video width in px

height Number

remote video height in px

frameRate Number

remote video frame rate (fps)

videoBitrate Number

remote video bitrate (Kbps)

audioSampleRate Number

remote audio sample rate (Hz)

audioBitrate Number

remote audio bitrate (Kbps)

jitterBufferDelay Number

playback delay (ms)

audioTotalBlockTime Number

cumulative audio playback lag duration (ms)

audioBlockRate Number

audio playback lag rate (%)

videoTotalBlockTime Number

cumulative video playback lag duration (ms)

videoBlockRate Number

video playback lag rate (%)

streamType TRTCVideoStreamType

video stream type (HD big image | smooth small image | substream image)