Advanced control parameter of screen sharing


new TRTCScreenCaptureProperty(enableCaptureMouse, enableHighLight, enableHighPerformance, highLightColor, highLightWidth, enableCaptureChildWindow)

This parameter is used in the screen sharing-related API selectScreenCaptureTarget to set a series of advanced control parameters when specifying the sharing target. For example, whether to capture the cursor, whether to capture the subwindow, and whether to draw a frame around the shared target.

Notice: Setting the highlight border color parameter does not work on macOS.

Name Type Description
enableCaptureMouse Boolean required

whether to capture the cursor while capturing the target content. Default value: true.

enableHighLight Boolean required

whether to highlight the window being shared (i.e., drawing a frame around the shared target). Default value: true.

enableHighPerformance Boolean required

whether to enable the high performance mode (which will take effect only during screen sharing). Default value: true. [Note]: the screen capturing performance is the best after this mode is enabled, but the anti-blocking ability will be lost. If you enable enableHighLight and enableHighPerformance at the same time, remote users will see the highlighted frame.

highLightColor Number required

specify the color of the highlighted frame in RGB format. 0 indicates to use the default color of #8CBF26. NOT support on MacOS.

highLightWidth Number required

specify the width of the highlighted frame. 0 indicates to use the default width of 5 px. The maximum value you can set is 50.

enableCaptureChildWindow Boolean required

whether to capture the sub-window during window capturing (the subwindow and the captured window need to have an Owner or Popup attribute). Default value: false.