Description information of each video image in On-Cloud MixTranscoding


new TRTCMixUser(userId, roomId, rect, zOrder, pureAudio, streamType, inputType, renderMode, image)

TRTCMixUser is used to specify the location, size, layer, and stream type of each video image in On-Cloud MixTranscoding.

Name Type Description
userId String

user ID

roomId String

ID of the room where this audio/video stream is located (an empty string value indicates the local room ID)

rect Rect

specify the coordinate area of this video image in px

Name Type Description
left Number

left coordinate value of this image

top Number

top coordinate value of this image

right Number

right coordinate value of this image

bottom Number

bottom coordinate value of this image

zOrder Number

specify the level of this video image (value range: 1–15; the value must be unique)

pureAudio Boolean

specify whether this stream mixes audio only

streamType TRTCVideoStreamType

specify whether this video image is the primary stream image (TRTCVideoStreamTypeBig) or substream image (TRTCVideoStreamTypeSub).

inputType TRTCMixInputType

Specify the mixed content of the stream (mix audio only, mix video only, mix audio video, mix watermark)

renderMode Number

The display mode of this screen when outputting

image String

placeholder or watermark