Tutorial: Breaking Changes In V3

Breaking Changes In V3

Breaking changes in V3, please pay attention before upgrading:

  • SDK uses strict mode.
  • deleteConversation will delete roaming messages by default when deleting a conversation. If you only want to delete the conversation and keep the chat history, set the clearHistoryMessage parameter to false.
  • deleteConversation supports batch deletion of conversations.
  • When exiting/kicked out of a group or when a group is dissolved, only the group records are deleted without deleting the corresponding group conversation.
  • getFriendProfile by default supports fetching friend custom fields and profile custom fields.
  • Log reporting backup channel uses the separate cluster domain https://events.im.qcloud.com (Mini Program platform needs to add a trusted request domain configuration).
  • Default cover image for video messages has been removed.
  • getConversationList supports batch retrieval of specified conversations.
  • Conversation list filters out conversations with deleted accounts.
  • Group tips that are not stored in the roaming system (such as modifying group custom fields) are no longer counted towards the unread message count in the conversation(Conversation.unreadCount).
  • Message.ID concatenation rule is ${senderTinyID}-${clientTime}-${random}, consistent with the concatenation rule of Native Chat messages.
  • deleteMessage does not support deleting group system notifications and provides specific error messages.
  • When being logged out due to multi-account or multi-device login, the server-side logout callback is no longer triggered.