Tutorial: Cross-Room Communication

Cross-Room Communication

Cross Room API

Try Online Demo

  1. Open this Online Demo in different tabs and join different room;
  2. Input other roomId in a specific tab and click CONNECTOTHERROOM, then if will see/hear the video/audio from target room.


Update TRTC Web SDK version to v4.15.21+

Start Cross Room Call

Connecting current room to target room so that the users(anchor & audience) in both rooms can subscribe to each other's streams.

// Specify the target roomId(string) at the opposite end of the cross-room. 
// Then, the two rooms are fully connected, and the users can subscribe stream from another room.
await client.callExperimentalAPI('connectOtherRoom', { roomId: '6666' });

Update Cross Room

You can use this API to mute the remote stream from target room to current room.

const options = {
  updateList: [{
    roomId: '6666',
    userId: 'userA_6666', // userId from other room. If not set, will mute all user's streams from target room.
    muteAudio: true, 
    muteVideo: true,
    muteAuxiliary: true,
await client.callExperimentalAPI('updateOtherRoomForwardMode', options);

Stop Cross Room

  1. Call this api to stop cross room, then the both rooms will be disconnected.
  2. The room will be disconnected automatically if all the remote users left room.
await client.callExperimentalAPI('disconnectOtherRoom', { roomId: '6666' });