Error code

Error code

TUICallDefine error code

Definition Value Description
ERROR_PACKAGE_NOT_PURCHASED -1001 You currently have not purchased the audio and video call capability package. Please go to the IM console to activate the free trial or purchase the official version.
ERROR_PACKAGE_NOT_SUPPORTED -1002 The audio and video calling capability package you currently purchased does not support this feature. It is recommended that you go to the IM console to upgrade the package type.
ERROR_TIM_VERSION_OUTDATED -1003 IM SDK version is too low, please upgrade IM SDK to version ≥ 2.21.2.
ERROR_PERMISSION_DENIED -1101 Failed to obtain permission. Audio/video permissions are currently not authorized. Please check whether device permissions are enabled.
ERROR_INIT_FAIL -1201 Init was not called, the TUICallEngine API needs to be used after init, and the initialization failed.
ERROR_PARAM_INVALID -1202 Parameter errors (parameter format, type, etc. errors).
ERROR_REQUEST_REFUSED -1203 The current state does not support calling. For example: APIs that need to be used in idle state are called during a call/conversation.
ERROR_REQUEST_REPEATED -1204 The current method is being executed, please do not call it repeatedly.
ERROR_SCENE_NOT_SUPPORTED -1205 This function is not supported in the current call scenario.
ERROR_SIGNALING_SEND_FAIL -1401 The signaling transmission failed. For the specific failure reason, please view the errorMsg in the specific method callback.
FAILURE_SWITCH_TO_AUDIO 60001 Video voice switching failed
FAILURE_SWITCH_TO_VIDEO 60002 Voice switching failed
NOT_MICROPHONE_LIST 60003 No microphone device available
NOT_CAMERA_LIST 60004 No camera device available
NOT_SUPPORT 60005 The current page does not have webRTC capabilities
UNKNOWN 65535 Unknown error

IM error code

Audio and video calls use Tencent Cloud IM SDK as the basic communication service, such as call dialing signaling, call busy signaling and other core logic. Common error codes are as follows:

Error code Description
6014 IM SDK is not logged in, please log in first, try again after successful callback, or it has been moved offline, you can use TIMManager getLoginUser to check whether it is online.
6017 The parameter is invalid. Please check whether the parameter meets the requirements. For details, you can check which field is further defined in the error message.
6206 UserSig has expired. Please obtain a valid UserSig again and log in again. For how to obtain it, see Generating UserSig.
7013 The package package does not support the use of this interface, please upgrade to the ultimate package.
8010 The signaling request ID is invalid or has already been processed.
8021 The calling user has not logged into TIM, causing the call to fail.