Use AI to reduce noise

Use AI to reduce noise

Function introduction

AI noise reduction can reduce the noise during calls and reduce the impact of environmental sounds on calls. Click to experience online Noise reduction demo.


Supported browsers: Chrome 66+, Edge 79+, Safari 14.1+, Firefox 76+. In order to better use AI noise reduction, it is recommended that you use the latest version of the Chrome browser.

Note: If there is background music captured by your microphone, AI noise reduction may eliminate it as noise.

Operation steps

AI noise reduction depends on some files. To ensure that the browser can load and run these files normally, you need to complete the following steps:

Publish the denoiser-wasm.js file in the node_modules/rtc-ai-denoiser/assets directory to a CDN or static resource server, and be in the same public under the path. Required when subsequently calling TUICallEngine.login Pass in the URL of the above public path (absolute path: the root path of the denoiser-wasm.js file), and the plug-in will dynamically load the dependent files. Specific See for details.

  • If the Host URL of the file in the assets directory is inconsistent with the Host URL of the web application, you need to enable the CORS policy for accessing the file domain name.
  • The assets directory file cannot be placed under the HTTP service, because loading HTTP resources under the HTTPS domain name will be prohibited by the browser security policy.

After completing the above steps, you only need to pass in the path parameter when logging in. The specific usage is as follows:

const params = {
userID: 'john', // your userID
userSig: 'xxxxx', // your userSig
assetsPath: 'https://xx/', // There is denoiser-wasm.js file in this directory, that is: the root path of `denoiser-wasm.js` file
let promise = tuiCallEngine.login(params);
promise.then(() => {
}).catch(error => {
console.warn('login error:', error);
  • If you call TUICallEngine.login If assetsPath is not passed in, the default path https://xxx/ will be used. It is recommended to pass in the path URL of your own deployment (the root path of the denoiser-wasm.js file).


  1. What packages can use AI noise reduction?

    Only supported by the advanced version package. For details, see: Package package function description

  2. The purchased package includes AI noise reduction. Is it turned on by default?

    It is enabled by default, and users are required to pass in the root path URL of their own deployment denoiser-wasm.js file. If you call TUICallEngine.login without passing in assetsPath will use the default path https://xxx/. It is recommended to pass in the path URL of your own deployment.

  3. The purchased package does not support AI noise reduction, will it affect normal calls?


  4. rtc-ai-denoiser.js?6ee9:1 Init assets from https://xxx failed! Reason: AbortError: The user aborted a request. What does it mean?

    Unable to load the file from the URL of the root path where the denoiser-wasm.js file is deployed, indicating that there is a problem with the deployment path. See details.